Retouching Philosophy


"Reese-pectful Retouching"

Having our photos taken, quite frankly, is scary. I often hear people tell me they are “bad at having their picture taken.” When we present ourselves to the world, there is an inherent feeling of vulnerability. With tacky, overdone 'digital plastic surgery' happening on magazines and media around us, it is surprisingly easy to find mediocrity in professional photography. When we hire someone to capture our image, our essence, we hope they look upon us with a loving and attentive eye, and give us a photo that actually looks like us. Honest and comfortable moments are the hardest element to bring in a photo shoot. It is my life’s work to connect with you, and work with you, so you’ll come out with Session Art that makes you to feel powerful. Once we’ve done this well, the edits will be gentle.

I highly recommend Respectful Retouching. A skilled hand adds the finesse and polish that truly sets our Session's Art apart from an amateur snapshot.

-Reese Brindisi